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Digital Strategy

Changes in technology happen rapidly. In order to properly seize new market opportunities, business models must be redefined using IT. Knowing that technology can determine the success or failure of a business, our staff members make practical use of it within their area of expertise to achieve business transformation with a high return on investment.


Data Analysis

With a colossal amount of data sources now available, many companies are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of time needed for analysis. But to survive in a data-driven world, you need to put data to work in your business. We use AI technology for big data analysis and use it as a source of information to infer customer buying behavior models.


Brand Experience

In order to have a good brand strategy that allows the business move ahead of the competition, we need a clear, straightforward plan in place. When people have confidence in your product / services, they will be willing to pay whatever the cost. We provide sophisticated measures to engender such confidence.


Programmatic Advertising

The key to a successful programmatic advertising campaign lies in setting the right target index. We strive to decipher customer needs in a rapidly changing market environment. The more specific the target audience, the better the response will be to the campaign.


SNS Marketing

The days when it was acceptable to rely on a single channel to reach customers are over. Our tried and tested strategies make us the agency of choice for companies that don’t have the time or skills needed to focus on social media campaigns.


SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization is an important process that makes it easier for customers to find your products and services through an organic search. Advancing your business through SEO also helps establish the brand identity of your company. We prepare targeted content to help you achieve better results from organic searches.


Web & Motion Design

Optimal web design with quality, performance, and creativity will help you communicate the information your customers want in a simpler way. From conceptual design to motion graphics design, we use visual cues to create a user experience that goes far beyond the limitations of text.


User Experience Design

In order to enhance a business with the right user experience (UX), we need to meet the constantly changing needs of our clients. For a more user-oriented approach, we identify client priorities and rethink the communication between your business and customers.

Work Process


Research & Analytics

We identify the pain points in client businesses. Before developing a digital marketing campaign, we need to understand what makes each company unique in terms of its business, market position, etc. We research and analyze the specific issues identified in order to develop strategies that will help your company succeed.


Communication & Planning

We provide multiple solutions, budgets, and time-lines to produce results in line with the business needs of each company. You can tell us specifically about the prospective customers of your company. Then, for a successful marketing strategy, we segment the customer base closer to your target insights.


Management & Creativity

Our industry-experienced, multi-skilled marketers and data scientists execute the marketing campaigns we put together. The entire campaign is handled by the Sokai team. Based on data, Sokai comes up with cutting-edge, highly accurate improvement strategies.


Adjustment & Results

Focusing on campaign performance, we put solutions into action, while repeatedly measuring the data, considering and improving the strategy for better results. By setting realistic and measurable numerical goals, our solutions can move forward based on effective measures of success. By so doing, we can deliver continuous and better results.

Jason Hardeman

Our Goal: Growth with a View to Global Expansion

Starting in Japan, expanding to the world. People in the business world often have these kinds of dreams. However, the Covid-19 pandemic that started in 2020 has made our journey a little more difficult. Many of the staff at Sokai have a global perspective. As a company, Sokai will always strive for world-class business creation.

Building a Foundation for the Next Generation to Advance Society

We are confident that the marketing solutions we offer bring more than just opportunities for growth to our clients. Sokai’s mission includes not just helping companies to grow but also helping create a more sustainable society by driving innovation and establishing better user experiences. We are committed to building a foundation for the next generation that will support society 10 to 20 years from now.

Amanda Bryan
Henry Matthews

Sharing Knowledge for the Success of Others

We are not afraid to share our unique knowledge and expertise for the good of your business. The essence of growing a business is not knowledge per se, but the understanding of market insights. We invest on an individual level in more creative and abstract activities, both with our clients and with our collaborative partners.

An Uncomplicated, High-quality Approach

Both the tools and know-how needed to achieve satisfactory business results do not need to be groundbreaking. Sticking to the essentials, we implement a comprehensive, high-quality approach based on straightforward ideas. The services and products that Sokai develops have a particular focus on quality and are based on our client’s fundamental insights.

Amanda Bryan

Our Marketing Team

Toshiaki Ueno

Representative Director

In 2007, joined Rakuten, Inc. Was put in charge of budget development in digital marketing, and operations in the Rakuten marketing department.
In 2014, assigned to Rakuten Malaysia for a short period to improve marketing ROI.
In April 2015, in the New Service Development Office directly under the supervision of the CEO’s office, supported user acquisition and customer development for new services.
In September 2016, established “Sokai”, a digital marketing company that solves customer issues and provides strategy development, planning and implementation of new measures.
A graduate of Globis University (MBA).

Toshiaki Ueno

Nariaki Tsuji

Digital Ad Director

In 2010, joined i-Prospect Japan. Engaged in listing advertisements, and conducted the management, analysis, reporting, and improvement cycle for up to 30 companies per month.
In 2014, moved to NTT DATA Smart Sourcing Corporation. Was involved in planning and implementing advertising campaigns for major clients with annual budgets of 300 – 500 million yen.
Places great importance on communication and making well thought-out suggestion based on client needs. By eliciting, organizing, and visualizing the client’s thoughts and ideas, goals can be clarified and implemented.

Nariaki Tsuji

Yoshiaki Kosaki

IT Director

Started professional career as a PG/SE in a software development venture.
Performed technical analysis, identified business procedures and requirements, created requirement documents and system specifications, and was involved in basic system design and development.
In 2006, joined Bayer, a German pharmaceutical company. In the R&D department, worked as PM and CSV leader (Computerized System Validation) in major projects (including global projects). As a team leader in the IT department, managed IT quality assurance, auditing and regulatory activities and provided training (project management, quality management, innovation.)
With a strong foundation of IT experience, competent in handling global project management.

Yoshiaki Kosaki

Yuzi Kakizaki

SEO Director

In 2013, became interested in the Web industry and changed careers from working as an airline employee of ANA.
Aided e-commerce sites in improving their sales with focus on SEO. Has been involved in SEO for web media with over 500,000PV and 1,000,000PV, as well as improving the websites of national clients and listed companies.
Based on interviews, has been successful in quickly setting up daily processes that in some cases increased annual sales by 150% or in other cases increase monthly sales 10-fold. Manages several blog sites, has gained much experience and many skills, and has a motto not to give advice based on theories.

Yuzi Kakizaki


Marketing and SNS Director

In 2012, moved to the US and started working in numerous SNS/Digital marketing projects mainly connected to Europe, South America, and Japan.
With extensive digital marketing experience has been able to support projects for more than 30 companies as a DX/Digital Marketing Consultant.
Joined Sokai in 2020.
From 2022, started working as a marketing researcher with MBA professors in the US to conduct research on “Advertising clutter”.
Trilingual in Japanese, English and Spanish, and has lived in the U.S., Mexico, and Peru.
Graduate of The University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) majoring in Business and Marketing.

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Naoki Hirokawa

Marketing technologist

In 2008 joined ValueCommerce. Was responsible for advertising sales, media sales, and business development, and is familiar with the overall mechanism of affiliate advertising.
In 2014, joined CyberZ (a subsidiary of CyberAgent). As a consultant, launched a group in the SNS marketing area for Facebook and Twitter ads, while developing internal operations.
In 2015, joined Geniee, Inc. As a member of the operations staff, managed the planning and operations of in-house DSP, SSP & trading desk. Also served as the head of DSP / overseas cross-border business and as a member of the management committee.

Naoki Hirokawa

Hiroyuki Yokomura

Marketing Planner and Director

Has worked for Dentsu Group, Hakuhodo, and Universal Studios Japan. Provides support for various domestic and global businesses.
Specifically, has marketed for “avex” entertainment, sports distributor Alpen Group, and theme park USJ, creating a major re-branding movement. With a strong grasp of the fundamentals of market insight, guides clients in the desired direction through a combination of real and holistic digital development.
Resist the Usual. Master of ASAS (Dentsu Y&R Global Ad-Marketing Skills)
A graduate of Keio University, Faculty of Economics.
University of Tokyo, Economics Certificate (Game Theory: Strategic Planning.)

Hiroyuki Yokomura

Rika Hayashi

SNS Planner and Director

After joining Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance as a new graduate, switched jobs and spent 10 years with transcosmos inc.
Was engaged in SNS advertising, both B2C and B2B, and is especially good at PR and operational marketing on Instagram.
Furnishes suggestions that take into account not only the number of followers but also engagement, subsequent purchase and loyalty actions.
Sticks to the goal of ensuring SNS is used correctly and effectively as a medium to attract customers.
A graduate of Keio University, Faculty of Economics.

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Representative Director: Toshiaki Ueno


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